Thursday, October 15, 2015

All About Nothing

     I went down to the 3333 Club. I wanted to see if anyone there could tell me about nothing. I mean 'nothing.'
    Bill W. had said that when he returned to the hospital for the last time, he surrendered himself to God as he then understood Him, "to do with me as He would...and...I admitted for the first time that of myself, I was nothing.
    'Nothing.' I had been in AA for 34 years and had not seen that,  I mean really seen that. I wanted to know if anyone else had ever heard anyone talk about nothing.
    I have only recently learned just how much people do not want to talk about it.
    People only want to talk about something.
    Plato had the Stranger share that the Sophists insisted that the word should not be uttered. The dirty little secret was that being and nothing are the same thing. Shh h ... "Being" and "Nothing" are the same thing.
   And 'nothing,' it just slips off the lip like it is something and one has no idea just what has been said.
"Nothing' has been said, although it seemed to be something.
   That's the way it is with 'nothing,' or to show it due respect, "the nothing."
   So after the meeting I met Vince for the first time.
   And we talked about nothing, not for long, mind you. But long enough to get to the subject of creating a sober world.
   We create it out of nothing. That's what we have when we get rid of our selves.
   At least I think that is what Bill had in mind when he said that he was nothing.